Poachers Ravage the “Village of Elephants”

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) reported earlier last week that 17 individuals armed with Kalashnikov rifles invaded Dzanga-Ndoki National Park to poach the reserves’ elephants. Apparently, some members of the group approached researchers asking for food and directions to the Dzanga Bai, also known as the “village of elephants”. Anywhere from 50 to 200 elephants group here daily to drink. After giving the poachers a false lead, the researchers heard gunshots and other sources witnessed men shooting from the Dzanga Bai tower overlook.

Forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) in Dzanga Bai. Image © WWF / Carlos Drews

“Unless swift and decisive action is taken, it appears highly likely that poachers will take advantage of the chaos and instability of the country to slaughter the elephants living in this unique World Heritage Site.”, said Jim Leape, WWF International Director General. He continued, “Wildlife crime is not only a consequence of instability, but a cause. It fuels violence in the region, in a vicious circle that undermines the stability of these countries and their economic development.” Political turmoil occurring in the Central African Republic has opened the floodgate for chaos and monetary gain.”

The Huffington post later reported that at least 26 elephant were slaughtered, including four calves, were found near the Dzanga Bai on Thursday.

If this makes you as sick as it makes me, watch this video of locals in India working together to save a baby elephant.
There is still compassion in the world. You can help.

To learn more about elephants and ways to help end their suffering, visit the WWF.

Image: http://wwf.panda.org/

Sources: WWF, May 07 2013; Denise Chow, May 10 2013;

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