That’s it, I’m Going to Become an Elephant’s Foster Mom

A few days ago I came across the website for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and have been hooked since. The conservation is wonderfully attentive about giving updates on their resident orphaned elephants and rhinos. Filmed rescues and moments in the nursery are uploaded almost weekly, and keeper logs give even more heartwarming insight to the daily lives of the animals. Over the years the Trust has successfully rehabilitated many Kenyan indigenous species back into the wild with the help of suporters and two fully operational mobile veterinary units. The best part of the site is an opportunity to foster an orphan for $50 a year. I can’t wait to take part in an amazing program for these endangered creatures. I’m going to become an elephant’s foster mom!

Photograph by Michael Nichols – “Orphans playfully vie for a bottle of formula not finished by little Sities, the blanketed baby at the keeper’s feet.”

Image Source: Michael Nichols, National Geographic Magazine, 2011

Sources: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, 2013

4 thoughts on “That’s it, I’m Going to Become an Elephant’s Foster Mom

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