Bees in the Garden and a Pesticide Ban in the EU

The last several years, there has been a lot of concern over declining numbers of bees. Today, I was blessed with the sight of tons of bees jumping from flower to flower on my friend’s sage plants.


Recent research has implied that the large decline of bees may be partially due to the use of pesticides in agriculture. I was not so sure how well replicated this data was, but after looking further into it, there is reason to be concerned. So much so, that the European Union has decided to put temporary restrictions on various pesticides until a further course of action can be determined to curb the loss of what is such a vital insect for life on earth. Read more at Why Don’t You Try This.

Source: Why Don’t You Try This

Image: Lauren Korany, Urban Hermits

5 thoughts on “Bees in the Garden and a Pesticide Ban in the EU

  1. This is indeed great news. We can hope that after the two years (beginning in December this year) we’ll see a permanent ban on those neonics. There’s no ban in place yet on fipronil, though. I blog about these stories under my ‘bee’ tag.

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