Mark and Lauren Go Places – North Manitou Island

Hi all! Two weeks ago, Lauren and I headed off to escape the crowds of Memorial Day weekend by hiking and camping on the remote North Manitou Island in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It is a beautiful place that we both highly recommend. Even if you decide that the island is not for you, the Lakeshore offers tons of great hiking, camping, and other recreational opportunities. Below are some pictures from our trip! Enjoy. -Mark


On the trail.

The ferocious chipmunks of North Manitou

The ferocious chipmunks of Manitou Island.


Lauren suited up.

Jack in the Pulpit


1800's cemetery

Old cemetery on the South end of the island.

1800's cemetery


Mark reading :)


Searching for a place to set up camp.

Filtering Lake Michigan water

We’re filtering water from Lake Michigan with a system designed on gravity instead of pumping. Saves some energy.

Backcountry campsite, wet pants

I had to go in the COLD waters to fill those bags. So, here are my pants drying. – Lauren

Backcountry campsite

Beautiful backcountry campsite near Fredrickson’s place.

Evasive Canada Warbler!

Evasive Canadian Warblers near our tent.

Old Baldy

Old Baldy dune.


The seagull who thought it was one of the Merganser ducks. South Manitou island seen in the background.

Sunset on Lake Michigan

Sunset on the west side of the island.

Green Trillium

Green Trillium flowers in the woods.


Walking through an old orchard

Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow in the Ranger’s station. He built a nest there and was very upset that people came in and out of the building.

Old dock off of the Village

Beautiful old dock on the shore of the village.

The Village

The village.

Boat heading to South Manitou

The boat heading to South Manitou island from Leland, MI.

View from Empire Bluff

View from Empire bluff on the mainland.


Had to make a stop on the mainland to Gwen Frostic’s studio, as Lauren does woodblock printing!