On Pets – Meet Sufi and Tél

Meet Sufjan and Tél, my two parakeets. These guys are also known as budgerigars, or budgies for short. They are small parrots found in the wild in the Australian outback. Naturally green and yellow, breeding mutations have caused the dominant yellow gene to disappear, leaving blue, white, grey, and sometimes violet undertones in their feathers.

Budgies are found at almost any pet-store and are often considered a “cheap bird” for kids and beginning bird owners. Unfortunately, with that stigma, they are also seen as disposable compared to larger and more expensive parrots. There are many up for adoption because their previous owners did not want to commit to their needs. Please consider adoption if you are planning to accept a bird into your family. They are always joyful and energetic when treated right, and will surely brighten your day for a long time.

Budgies have very pleasant voices, and have the potential to mimic sounds. They do, like most parrots, squawk. They become background noise to those who find the songs and chirping appealing. Those who do not like a lot of noise should not get a bird. They respond to the energy in the room, making commotion when it gets loud, and napping when the room is quiet. If you are tense, they are tense. A happy bird is a talkative one.




Little Sufi!

I will be making more posts about them in the future. Hopefully our adventures, notes, and guidelines may come in handy for someone!

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