Latest on the GMO Debate

Here’s some interesting contrast for you. Robert Fraley, the chief technology officer and executive vice president of Monsanto was awarded the World Food Prize, along with two other individuals. Fraley has been very instrumental in the introduction of genetically modified crops. He was awarded this prize on the basis of increasing the yield of food and its resistance to pests. However, as you all know, the introduction of GMOs into our food system has been controversial and has led to as many questions as answers. This award is just another notch on Monsanto’s walking stick, but a point of contention for environmentalists, or for that matter, anybody who eats. Read more in Andrew Pollack’s New York Times article.

On the other end of the spectrum, Connecticut has just become the first state to pass a law requiring GMO foods to be labeled as such. However, there is a kicker, and a strange one. The law required a “compromise” for it to pass, that requires four other states, one that borders Connecticut, to pass similar laws before it becomes effective. Massachusetts seems to be a strong candidate. It looks like the lobbyists did their job! Maybe it will backfire. Read more at’s article.


Researchers with Genetically Modified Corn

Sources: Pollack, Andrew. “Executive at Monsanto wins global food honor”. The New York Times. 19 June 2013.

“Connecticut passes first GMO food labeling law in US”. 5 June 2013.

Image: Next Generation Food Online


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