Meet my New Companion: Django!

Hi everyone!

I thought I would share with you the newest addition to my circle: Django! He is a green and yellow budgie, the same type of bird that Lauren, my fellow UrbanHermit, wrote about in a post about her birds, Sufi and Tel. I have spent some time looking for a little bird friend to keep me company while I am in grad school in Pennsylvania. After searching online for birds available for adoption, I came across this little guy about an hour away from my home. I went up to a farm to meet him and right away felt he was perfect. Today was only his third day with me, but he has been doing great! He already has flown out of his cage to explore my apartment and will even sit on my hand! He loves commotion and was very excited by a thunderstorm. I have been using some techinques to get him used to me, like feeding him from my hand and reading him a few poems before bed, but I am fortunate that he has adjusted so well and so quickly. Django did not have a name when I adopted him , but I chose it based on one of my favorite songs by the punk rock band Rancid (my favorite band), which is based off the 1966 Italian film, Django, as opposed to the more recent Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained, which is significantly different from the original. Below are a few pics:

Django preening himself


Getting aclimated to his new best friend

Eating out of my hand!

Meet little Django!

Django on my hand!

Django on my hand! (Sorry about the quality-phone shot!)

10 thoughts on “Meet my New Companion: Django!

  1. I had a budgie that looked just like django! He was found by my dad when I was 14 just hopping around in the bushes at work. He was very friendly and hopped right on my dad’s hand. I called him “bird” since we didn’t know his name.

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    • haha, well, sort of! I actually named him after a song from a punk rock band named Rancid. They have a song called Django which is named after a 1960s Italian film. Which, I believe, is also what the more recent Django Unchained is loosely based on.

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