Vitamin C — Your Prostate’s Worst Nightmare

Sometimes we come across information that makes us re-assess our way of life, or lifestyle.  Gives us a moment to look around and look at things in a different way.  The link I’m posting is for an article called “The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements” by Paul Offit over at The Atlantic.  I won’t spoil too much for you, but it talks about our vitamin-addled society, and some of the effects that it can have on us.  Specifically, it goes into the story behind Vitamin C (an ironic one) and addresses it’s ability to cure the “common cold.”

As I finished reading it, I began to wonder what the thousand other supplements in my place of work will do to a person over time.  We have to remember that we are introducing excessive amounts of chemicals into our bodies, regardless of the fact that they are chemicals already existing in our own bio-chemistry.  And the funny thing about it all is, most of the things we feel we need supplements for, are probably easily addressed by simply changing our horrible eating habits and diets.  What is the reason we take a multi-vitamin at all? To make sure we are getting everything we aren’t from our food?  I feel as though if we simply ate the way we are meant to, we would never have a need for multi-vitamins.

It makes you take a step back, and look at how we interpret “health”.  Give it a read, post your comments and thoughts below!

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