Mark and Lauren Go Places – The Great Lakes Zoological Society

Mark and I visited the Great Lakes Zoological Society last month in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The astounding reptilian, amphibian, and avian rescue is a wonderful family destination and educational center for all ages. The GLZS’ mission is to “promote conservation, the importance of a balanced ecosystem, and how to coexist with wildlife; as well as serving as a rescue and recovery center for injured, neglected, and unwanted reptiles [amphibians, and birds].”

I was truly impressed by the effort to give each animal a beautiful and spacious enclosure. It came as a relief after being accustomed to seeing various snakes, lizards, turtles, and birds in cages too compact for physical and mental health. The resident parrots even sit on large branches in the open, free to move as they please (which isn’t an issue with visitors since they mostly stay on their gyms). Volunteers and interns care for the animals with a passion. They would share their extensive knowledge of the individual animals, often allowing the children to touch the head of a tortoise or the back of a small snake.

The Great Lakes Zoological Society is a 503(c)(3) nonprofit. It offers a variety of sponsorship, summer camp, volunteer, and event opportunities. A must see and a great place to support if you are interested in the welfare of all animals!


The rescue’s male Crocodile Monitor, Mahuru.



Mahuru basks on his tree!



The resident Greenwing Macaws– Scarlet preens Charlie!


Image Source: A. Fulmer, July 2013

3 thoughts on “Mark and Lauren Go Places – The Great Lakes Zoological Society

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