Calling All Hermits: Fight Animal Cruelty!

Sim LakeMy fellow hermits,

I come to you with a heavy but important topic. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has “filed a brief in a landmark federal case against a couple accused of making graphic animal torture videos for viewers” (ALDF 2013). As this article explains (WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT), a Texas couple was arrested earlier in the year for producing home videos of animals being tortured for what they considered a pornographic enterprise. However, ALDF explains, “On April 27, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Sim Lake, in the Southern District of Texas, ruled that the conduct in the videos was not obscene and the Act infringed upon the First Amendment rights of the defendants. Last Friday, federal prosecutors filed an appeal with the Fifth Circuit. ALDF’s amicus brief supports this appeal, arguing the Act is limited in scope to obscene videos of animal torture for the sexual gratification of viewers.” It is up to you if you would like to read the ALDF article, as it is very disturbing, but I am providing  you here with what you need to know. If you would like to fight against this cruelty and support ALDF’s drive for justice, consider making a donation here. If you would like to let Judge Sim Lake know how you feel, you can reach his Houston office at 713-250-5177 and leave him a message, as Lauren and I both did today. Finally, let your lawmakers know that you demand protections against this cruelty by singing ALDF’s Animal Bill of Rights.

Hopefully, I have something more upbeat for my next post!

For now, you know what to do,




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