Favorite Instagram Accounts!

Okay, so last month invested in my first smartphone (android!), and have gotten very distracted on Instagram. Below are a few of my favorite accounts to follow!

@biddythehedgehog Biddy the Hedgehog is always on an adventure, partaking in beautiful hikes that I would like to be on right now. Did I mention he’s a hedgehog? Super freaking adorable in a being-in-the-woods kind of way.

@umemichi77 Beautiful and serene shots of succulents and cacti. This is my plant-porn recommendation.

@avianrecon This account is managed by a falconer, bird trainer, and raptor rehabilitator. Here you will see into the daily lives of the resident birds-of-prey and you will fall madly in love with them.

@perdigonporkins Meet Perdigón Porkins, a big ol’ piggy with a dog best friend. Perdigón is adorable and has captions with attitude. ¡Gronff!

@silas_the_sennie Silas the Senegal parrot is entertaining to watch. He has a HUGE personality. From attacking his toys, to cuddling, to eating chili peppers on the beach, I can’t get enough of him.

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