Hermit Tools: Ka-Bar Hobo Utensil


This baby I like to call the hobo companion, and man let me tell you, if you are a person concerned about our throwaway society, this thing is going to appeal to you.

I bought this guy at a Cutco store I worked at a while back. It sat in a drawer for three years, no one ever knew it was there because no one actively made an effort to display it. When my interest in environmentalism and sustainability came around to my daily life, I knew I had to have this thing.

You start to think about the practical applications of it; if you are always on the go like myself, chances are you will occasionally stop at places that only have plastic utensils. Shoot, there are businesses that give you plastic utensils even if you don’t want them.

If there is one thing our society clearly does badly, it is the production of plastics, a material that is not chemically reducible.

And I no longer had the desire to participate in that aspect of our society. I wanted this to help me curb that.

The thing I love about it, is while at first glance it appears to be nothing more than a hobo Swiss Army knife, it actually comes apart into separate utensils, not just for ease of use but also so you can actually wash and clean.


The knife itself is lock back, and the utensil is made from stainless steel. While certainly something can be said of the process used to physically produce this item, it is incredibly useful if you make the effort to carry it around with you. And at only 30 bucks, it’s a very low cost kind of investment you can feel really good about.

You can purchase the hobo tool at Ka-bar

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