Black Bear Cubs in Action

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has taken in 16 orphaned black bear cubs this year. They can be seen live on the link below having a great time in the center’s newly created Large Mammal Isolation enclosure. The space was made possible by donations and help from supporters. The Center’s President Ed Clark commented that the bears ““…have very strong personalities. Some of them are timid and want to be left alone, others are bossy and want to run the show. We see them wrestling together. They just received a little water bowl earlier this week, and their favorite things seems to be dumping it and then sitting in the bowl.”

Great work! The cubs are truly a joy to observe in all of their adorable and clumsy rough-housing.

Watch them here!
Screenshot of cubs playing at The Wildlife Center of Virginia

Sources: The Wildlife Center of Virginia, 2013; Cubs on Camera, Connie Stevens, WVTF Radio, 29 May 2013;

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