On Pets – Our Flock!

You may remember seeing various posts of three wonderful parakeets on our blog. Here is a bio breakdown of our flock members just for some fun!

The Zen Master – Tél

Personality: is BIG, will stand up to anyone and anything often dancing after he triumphs. However, he is very patient. Seems to be judging you and often gives the “stank-eye”.
Named after: the Hungarian word for winter.
Known as the: tolerant one.
Has a thing for: unpainted fingernails.
Favorite things are: green seeds and fingernails.
Reaches: nirvana through twirling his seeds in his beak and closing his eyes.
Has a tendency: to play tricks on people admiring him.
Lived: with only humans for 2 years until Sufi joined him.
Time in family: 3 years – adopted.

The Hyperactive Goon – Sufi

Personality: Adorable, bubbly, innocent, and hyper – the opposite of the quiet bird that we first met!
Named after: the folk artist, Sufjan Stevens.
Known as the: little psychopath.
Has a thing for: wet hair, landing on Tél’s back.
Hates: flies.
Favorite things are: his two boyfriends, Tél and Django.
Has a tendency: to squawk repeatedly and dance when someone is recounting a long story.
Lived: in an overcrowded pet store tank where he had been bleeding from his wing.
Time in family: 2 years – bought / rescued.

The Mystery Man – Django

Personality: Grounded, alert, a little drummer. Still learning about him everyday!
Named after: Django by Rancid
Known as the: weatherman.
Has a thing for: Sufi.
Hates: thumbs.
Has a tendency: to make scratchy sounds under his breath when talking.
Favorite things are: drumming on his hanging mirror.
Lived: in an inattentive home before he was up for adoption.
Time in family: 3 months – adopted.


An Autumn Walk in the Woods

Hey all,

The colors are changing and it is my favorite time of year! This weekend I got out to Whipple Dam State Park in Central Pennsylvania. It is a neat little place with some interesting history (it was an old CCC camp!). Although we are not at full color here, below are some pics of the scenery.













Photos: Mark Suchyta and Lauren Korany, Urban Hermits

Mark and Lauren Go Places: Farm Sanctuary!

Hey everyone,

In our latest installment of Mark and Lauren Go places, we take you to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY! Although Lauren was not present, she was there in spirit and would have certainly enjoyed the trip. Farm Sanctuary is an organization that focuses on rescuing farm animals, educating the public, and advocating for animal welfare. They are funded by a grant from the America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). They have three locations, one being Watkins Glen, and then two in California (Orland and Los Angeles). If you are interested in finding out more or donating, definitely check out http://www.farmsanctuary.org. I purchased an awesome American Apparel hoodie in their shop that states, “Vegans: Saving the World with Every Bite!”, which is available in their online shop if you would like to support them in that way.

My trip to Farm Sanctuary was with the Penn State Vegetarian Club, based in State College, PA, which I am a part of. For more information about the club, check us out on Facebook! Below are some photos I took. I just bought a new camera and am still figuring it out, so excuse the timestamps!












Photos by Mark Suchyta, Urban Hermits