A Lesson From Jack the Fox

Jack the Fox and his human companion can show us new perspective on animals, especially those regarded as pests.

The clip surely brings a few questions to mind regarding the idea of pets. At what point is human – animal bonding beneficial to a non-human animal? Detrimental? Do they enjoy human company? What differentiates keeping a dog as a pet vs. a fox? Obviously, these are not black and white answers and neither is the complexity of human – non-human relationship dynamics and understanding.

The biggest point to drive home from the video is that observation and interaction with non-human animals will teach us to see these animals differently, to admire them. How many times have you heard someone say they hate opossums. Why? Because they are ugly, scary, vicious, a nuisance. If you were to observe their behaviors and how closely these relate to human compassion, it would be clear that these claims are a stereotype passed down through decades of insecurity (with the nocturnal) and human dominance. So next time you see a fox, or better yet a common squirrel, take some time to admire how its behavior compares to yours.

Video: LPSCreativeMedia 7 May 2010;

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