Sustainability, Ag-Gag, and the Fight to End Animal Cruelty

If you haven’t seen it, Rolling Stone has released a disturbing but well-done piece of some of the horrors of large scale animal agriculture, as well as considerations of sustainability and the menacing threat of ag-gag, which I previously declared war on. The piece is titled “Animal Cruelty is the Price We Pay for Cheap Meat” (click title to access the article). Thanks to Paul Solotaroff for this effective piece of journalism and bringing attention to one of society’s most threatening social problems in a mainstream magazine. Its a sad read and feel free to avoid the videos if you don’t care for graphic content, the words are enough. Share this with who you think would benefit. This article explains a lot of the motivations for why I am who I am today.


One thought on “Sustainability, Ag-Gag, and the Fight to End Animal Cruelty

  1. We gave up meat over 25 years ago. We stopped eating it because of all the hormones and antibiotics the industry uses. My wife is a great cook though so I haven’t really missed it. We did eat fish for a while but because of the mercury we cut back on that.
    We don’t eat cheese either. What do we eat?? Beans and rice! Home grown greens. Home baked bread (Poor people’s food as my wife says) You just can’t trust what you buy anymore so we get as much bulk grains, beans, oats etc as we can (from trusted sources)

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