Winter Bay Laurel

Short days and early nights are making me long for greenery. Now that I have more time on my hands, I’ve started to go a little haywire on my indoor gardening. My newest plant addition is the Bay Laurel (Laurus Nobilis), often used as a spice in cooking. This little plant was shipped in the mail during the winter, and is looking pretty good considering its cold travel. It did appear to have some powdery mildew. Wiping the leaves with some neem oil seems to have resolved the problem!

On a side note, it did not occur to me that this plant is “laurel.” I have only ever referred to it as “bay leaf.” Interestingly enough, names beginning with the Latin prefix “Laur-” have meanings related to this plant. For instance, my name is Lauren, meaning “crowned in laurels.” The Greek God Apollo was depicted with a crown of laurels, and traditions of crowning victorious athletes and warriors occurred in Greek and Roman culture. Some pretty interesting folk-lore explains this origin in the story of Apollo and Daphne.

Enough of my ranting, have a peaceful winter!

3 thoughts on “Winter Bay Laurel

  1. That looks like a laurel all right. It grows well here on the Oregon Coast. We’ve had one growing near our house over 40 years. It’s about 20 ft (6+M) high. Be careful where you plant it. :-)

    • Wow! I have heard that they can grow very large outdoors. Do you ever harvest the leaves for cooking? I think I’ll keep mine indoors as Michigan winters won’t treat it very kindly!

  2. Dear Hermits. Yes. On your next culinary special occasion, carefully snap a leaf for spaghetti sauce or chicken soup. Amaze your friends! You are the proud owner of a beautiful little bay tree. They are tough, but will not survive like you, above the arctic circle in Michigan :) Thanks for spotlighting this nifty plant. – The Healing Garden gardener

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