Saving Sochi’s Strays

PovoDog, a shelter funded by a Russian billionaire has rushed in a last-effort save hundreds of strays before the 2014 Winter Olympics begin today in Sochi.


The New York Times writes:

Lying past a cemetery, at the end of a dirt road and without electricity or running water, the makeshift PovoDog shelter is already giving refuge to about 80 animals, including about a dozen puppies.

Local animal rights workers say many of the strays were pets, or the offspring of pets, abandoned by families whose homes with yards were demolished over the past few years to make way for the Olympic venues and who were compensated with new apartments in taller buildings, where keeping a pet is often viewed as undesirable.

In recent months, residents of Sochi have reported seeing dogs shot with poisoned darts, then tossed into waiting trucks. Aleksei Sorokin, the director general of a pest control business, Basya Services, has confirmed that his company has been hired to catch and kill strays, telling local journalists the work was necessary.

A huge thank you to ProvoDog for stepping in.

Photo Source: Sergei Ilnitsky, European Pressphoto Agency
Source: David Herszenhorn, Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi, The New York Times, 5 Feb 2014

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