What are we eating? What are we growing?

Hey all,

Check out this great info-graphic from the Union of Concerned Scientists that displays what Americans are missing in their diets and what our farms are actually producing. I found it really interesting. Also, check out the Union of Concerned Scientists website for other interesting topics.

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists, posted by Rajiv Narayan of Upwrothy.com


Are You Buying Ethical Gifts? Infographic

Below is a pretty powerful infographic about humans taking advantage of animals for materialism. This graphic speaks not only of animal parts, but also covers wood forested for products that are home to various species.

Source: Late Late Gifts, Visually, 19 June 2013;

Feeling the Heat Infographic

Here’s an iconic infographic by Benjieboo on Visually. My art critique: Skull outlet? Smoke stack bar-chart? Clever and effective communication.

What small changes have you made in your daily life to cut down on energy waste?

Square Foot Gardening Infographic

Don’t have enough yard to till for a garden? Don’t have a yard at all? If you have a 4′ x 4′ space outside, you can build a raised garden bed for $50 or less! Check out this infographic by Frugal Dad for instructions.

Image Source: Visual.ly

13 Oil Spills in 30 Days Infographic

March and April have not been a good time for backing up the Keystone XL credibility. This infographic by tcktcktck.org and Cynthiayue show an ugly set of oil spills in an intriguing way.